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Hello, I'm sEbi3, an active game developer, reverse & software engineer and modder from Germany with a huge passion for data science.

DevStorage Hosting

DevStorage is your hoster for KVM Server, TS3, Webspaces, Dedicated Server, VPN & Domains.

  • With our hosting panel it has never been easier to buy, manage or configure products.
  • Our support will help you, no matter what problems arise or problems you have.
  • We offer you full control of your product and give you as many rights as possible so that you can work without restrictions.
  • Even with strong attacks, we won't let you down and our security systems block the attack.
AtariBot for Discord

AtariBot is a multi-purpose bot with many features for moderation, fun and administration.

  • Our bot services are always up to date and running.
  • The bot is getting many updates with new features and improvements.
  • One of our main goals was to make the bot simple to use for the server owners to easily set everything up in just a few steps.
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Our Partners

You would like to partner up with us?
Please ask an Administrator of the official Support Discord and provide as much information as you can.

Becoming a Patreon Supporter

If you'd like to support my work, feel free to subscribe to me on Patreon.
In return, you'll have access to early versions of my releases, exclusive previews and more.

Join in one of the tiers today
  • You will have access to the Regulars role on my discord server.

  • You will have access to see all new patch-notes and updates before the release.

  • You'll have access for having a look into new development progresses.

  • You'll have access for patreon only posts and messages.
Gold Supporters
  • You will have all features from the Supporters tier.

  • You will have access to the Gold Supporters role on my discord server.

  • You will have access to download all early access versions.

  • You will have early access to new mods and plugins.