Simple Police Helper

Simple Police Helper (SPH) The Simple Police Helper is a simple menu with features to make the patrols easier. The menu allows you to change time, weather, vehicles and load custom scenarios. This plugin is currently not open source on GitHub.


Build: (Changelog)
Updated: June 29, 2020
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1.) Copy the files and folder of "scripts" in: "GTA V directory\scripts".
2.) Alternative: Drag and drop the "scripts" folder into your main directory of GTA5.
3.) You can now go on duty and starting your patrol!


• ScriptHookVDotNet Download here
• ScriptHookV Download here
• NativeUI Download here
• A legal copy of GTA5 (Retail or Steam)

Current Features

Player Settings Heal, Armor, Clean clothes, Everyone is ignoring you, Night Vision, Thermal Vision
Garage Spawn all police cars, spawn vehicle by name
Vehicle Options Repair, Clean, Delete, Vehicle Mods
Stations Teleport to the main stations
Scenarios Animations/Scenarios
Vehicle Interaction Open all doors/Windows from your current vehicle
Loadout Loadouts, Unlimited Ammo, Full Ammo
Controller support
Weather Change weather for your liking
Time Change the time for your liking (morning, afternoon, evening and night)

Edit the menu banners

You can also change/edit the banners of each categorie to your liking in GTA V directory\scripts\SPH.
Don't edit the names of the banners or it will crash your game!