UnitedCallouts is a plugin for LSPDFR which adds over 20 new varied and realistic callouts with different locations, endings and possibilities. This plugin exists for over 3 years and is still in active development to keep this plugin up to date.

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Updated: November 4, 2021
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1.) Copy the files of "Plugins\LSPDFR" in: "GTA V directory\plugins\LSPDFR".
2.) Copy the folder of "Lspdfr\audio\scanner" in: "GTA V directory\lspdfr\audio\scanner".
3.) Alternative: Drag and drop the folder "LSPDFR" and "plugins" into your main directory of GTA5.

Requirements for UnitedCallouts

• LSPDFR 0.4.9 (or higher) Download here
• Open All Interiors (highly recommend) Download here
• RagePluginHook 1.86 (or higher) Download here
• A legal copy of GTA5 (Retail, EpicGames or Steam)

Features of UnitedCallouts

• This plugin adds several and different dialogues for each callout to have more variation.
• Every callout has different endings and possibilities for more variation and realism.
• In this pack are currently 25 varied and realistic callouts for LSPDFR. (Have a look below for a full list of all available callouts.)
• A lot of callouts have different vehicles and weapons to have more variation.
• All callouts have several locations in order to have more variation and realism.
      ○ Some callouts use specific locations in order to have more realistic locations.
      An apartment burglary won't be on a street and a fight between two people won't be at a police station.

• This plugin adds a hotkey for dialogs and for forcing your current callout to end.
      ○ "Y" for speaking to a suspect. (You'll get a notification when you must talk to a suspect)
      ○ "END" to force your current callout to end. (In some cases, you may want to end the callout by yourself)
      ○ You can change both hotkeys in the UnitedCallouts.ini.

• Option to enable/disable the callouts you want in the UnitedCallouts.ini.
      ○ You may want to use this option to avoid some callouts you don't want to play.

• Option to enable/disable AI backup responding to a callout with the Player in the UnitedCallouts.ini.
      ○ This option allows realistic AI units to respond to certain callouts with the Player. This means a local unit won't respond to a gang fight.
          If the Player is in a pursuit, you'll get help by local units and an air unit instead of a SWAT team.
      ○ If you don't have a powerful PC, set this option in the UnitedCallouts.ini to false.

Want to stay up to date?
• UnitedCallouts has a version control system to let you know when UnitedCallouts or LSPDFR has been updated.
      ○ You can still play with UnitedCallouts on your own risk. It's always recommended to update to the latest build.
      ○ UnitedCallouts may have issues when LSPDFR gets an update that change parts of it's API.

List of Callouts

1. Store Robbery In Progress Someone called the police because of a store robbery.
2. Reports of a Person With a Knife Someone was spotted with a knife. Try to interact with him and arrest the person.
3. Reports of a Gang Shootout Two gangs are fighting each other. Try to stop the fight.
4. Reports of a Stolen Emergency Vehicle A police or emergency vehicle was stolen. Try to stop and arrest the person.
5. Stolen Truck Pursuit A truck was stolen. Try to stop and arrest the person.
6. Stolen Bus Incident A bus was stolen and the driver is trying to escape. In the bus are hostages!
7. Money Truck Theft While the Money Truck was on the way to the bank, it was robbed and stolen.
8. Reports of an Armed Clown We've had some crazy cases, but a Clown is walking around with a weapon.
9. K9 Backup Required An officer needs a K9-backup for a traffic stop.
10. Apartment Burglary Someone broke into an apartment! Help the person in the apartment and try to arrest the burglar.
11. Drug Deal In Progress A drug dealer sells drugs to a random person.
12. Robbery at Humane Labs and Research Facility A few robbers in white overalls are going to rob the station.
13. Warrant for Arrest You need to try to speak with the wanted person.
14. Troublemaker at Metro Station A homeless person is doing some trouble in the metro station.
15. Reports of an Illegal Police Car Trade Someone is selling a police car.
16. Heavily-Armed Terrorist Attack Someone called the police to report an armored person with a firearm.
17. Reports of Shots Fired A crazy person is going to shoot on people.
18. Bicycle on the Freeway Someone is on a freeway with a bicycle.
19. Welfare Check Request Someone called the police for a welfare check.
20. Traffic Stop Backup Required An officer needs backup for a traffic stop.
21. Hostage Situation Reported A group of criminals took hostages.
22. Jewellery Robbery In Progress The units on scene needs backup at the jewellery.
23. Suspicious ATM Activity Someone called the police because of suspicious activitiy at an ATM.
24. Public Peace Disturbance Two people are fighting each other.
25. Murder Investigation The police department called for a detective to investigate a crime scene and find the murder.