For Developers

This is the correct place to be if you want to create your own bot based on AtariBot.
You can find and download the AtariBot source code here.

How to create your bot application and invite it to your server using this source code?

1.) Download the source code of the bot here.
2.) Visit the Discord Developer Portal and go to Applications.
3.) Create a new Application and open it.
4.) Go to the Bot tab on the left side and add a new Bot.
5.) Copy the Token (Do not send this Token to anyone!) and paste it into the program.cs class here:

discord = new DiscordClient(new DiscordConfiguration
Token = "Paste your Token here",
TokenType = TokenType.Bot, MinimumLogLevel = Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.LogLevel.Debug,

6.) Go back to the Discord Developer Portal and go into the General Information tab.
7.) Now copy the Application ID and open this url on a new tab and change the Application ID from 711550600286044201 to the one you copied.
8.) Create a new Application and open it.

How to create a bot using this source code and running it on your localhost?

1.) Create a new Console App (.NET Core) project.
2.) Add the source code into your project by dragging and dropping all files and folders into your project directory.
3.) Add the DSharpPlus API to your project. (Use the NuGet Manager for adding the API.)
4.) Change everything to your liking. (Have a look above on how to create a bot application).
5.) Now you only need to compile the program. In order to start your bot, go into your project files and start the AtariBot.exe.

The bot is only online when the AtariBot.exe is running. If you want to have the bot online 24/7, you need to rent a server and start the AtariBot.exe from the server. (For uploading the files, you need to use a program that supports FTP.)

How to change/add permissions to a specific command?

1.) Go into one of the Modules. (In this case I use the MiscModule.)
2.) Now find the command where you want to change the permissions. (In this case I use the msg command.)
3.) After you have found the command, find the following if statement:

if (!ctx.Member.PermissionsIn(ctx.Channel).HasPermission(Permissions.BanMembers))
//If the user didn't have enough permissions, this block of code runs.
//I'll leave out the other "else if" statements.

//If the user has enough permissions, this block of code runs.

4.) The only thing you need to change are the permissions in the statement. (For example: from Permissions.BanMembers to Permissions.Administrator.
5.) If you don't want any permissions to be required in order to use a command, just leave the if statement away.