AtariBot for Discord

AtariBot is a multi-purpose bot with many features for moderation, fun and administration.
The bot is going to get many updates in order to be always up to date for your server.

The AtariBot is still in an early alpha build and development.
We decided to give some servers the chance to use this bot in the development to give us some feedback.

How do I add the AtariBot to my server?

You can add the AtariBot on your discord server using this link.
Now you're going to select your server in the list.

You may need to sign in into discord before you can select one of your servers.
If you can't see your server in the list, make sure, that you have enough permissions to add bots to the server.

After selecting the server, you need to do a verification check that you're not a robot.
The AtariBot now joined your server and is ready to help out.

If the AtariBot didn't join your server, make sure, that you followed every step above.

How do I start using the AtariBot?

After you added the AtariBot to your server, you can use the ??setup command to get started.
You can also follow the steps below.

If you want to have a look into the universal commands, you can use the ??commands command.
You can also have a look into the command categories for a list with all universal commands.

If you want to have a list with all commands, you can use the ??help command.
If you're not sure how to exactly use a specific command or what the actual command does, you can use ??help [name of command].