Help and Troubleshooting

This is the correct place to be when you need help. Please have a look below for general soloutions.
If your problem is not listed below, please join the Support Discord for further help.


I can't get inside a building while I am playing a callout like "Apartment Burglary"?
If you can't get inside a building, you need to install Open All Interiors which is linked in the UnitedCallouts.ini.
If you don't want to use it, set the callouts for Open All Interiors to false. (These callouts are set to false by default.)

I am using CalloutManager and I can't start a specific callout?
If you can't start a specific callout via the console or a third party plugin like CalloutManager, you'll have to check the UnitedCallouts.ini.
The callout/s might be set to false. The callouts are showing up in the game but you can't play the callout until it is set to true.

Assembly UnitedCallouts.dll (UnitedCallouts, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null) does not have the required Plugin attribute. How can I fix that?
If you have this error in your log, you installed UnitedCallouts in the wrong path. Make sure that UnitedCallouts is in GTA5/plugins/LSPDFR.
If you don't have a "LSPDFR" folder, create one in GTA5/plugins/.

I'm on the latest build of UnitedCallouts but I still get a notification that tells me to update UnitedCallouts. How can I fix that?
UnitedCallouts version detecting system is always checking for a new update on the download page.
If a new build was uploaded, it might be under manual approval or the version number wasn't updated yet. In this case you can play your current UnitedCallouts build without any issues. If the version was updated on the download page, it automatically stops sending you a notification.

I'm getting an error like "Operation is not valid because the specified Rage.Ped is invalid". How can I fix that?
These type of errors are runtime errors when RPH can't detect the entities. Some third party plugins take control over entities and may cause this issue. Since these errors are runtime issues, just reload LSPDFR and continue playing.
However, if you get this error very often, please report it on the Support Discord.

Simple Police Helper

The menu is not opening when I press the correct key. What now?
If the menu isn't opening by pressing the correct key, you didn't install NativeUI correctly.
Make sure that the file is in GTA5/scripts and not in the main directory of GTA5.

Still not working? Make sure that you installed all requirements for NativeUI.

How do I open the Simple Police Helper menu?
You can open the menu with F5 by default.
If you want, you can also change the key for your liking in the SimplePoliceHelper.ini.

I don't have any background banners like on the screenshots. Why is that the case?
If there aren't any background banners on the menu pages you either installed the SHP folder in the wrong path or you didn't install it.
Please make sure that the SHP folder is in GTA5/scripts with the other files.

AtariBot for Discord

I invited the bot to my server but the bot is offline / The bot was working before and is now offline - What now?
There are 3 reasons for an outage of the bot services.
   ○ The bot services are offline because we're going to investigate and solve a known issue.
   ○ Our hoster has server problems, services outage or maintenance.
   ○ We are going to restart the bot in order to update the services or adding new features.

I am not able to ban or kick someone (Other commands may not work as well). How can I fix that?
Make sure that the AtariBot has enough permissions to use the commands.
The AtariBot needs administration permissions in order to execute certain commands.
If you are still not able to use certain commands, check that you have a role with enough permissions to execute commands.

I want to use a command but it says the command is set to private. What now?
There are a few reasons why these commands have been set to private.
   ○ We are working on this command and need to test it.
   ○ There is a known issue with the command so we need to investigate and fix the issue.
   ○ We are going to rework the command for a code cleanup or other important changes.

I can't invite the bot to a server. What now?
Make sure that you have enough permissions to add the bot to your server.
You don't have to be the owner for adding a bot to a server.